A Couple Morning Moments

Sometimes a camera just doesn't capture the wonder of a perfect morning like words:

As I awoke this Saturday morning, I lay in bed, relishing the quiet of the morning and the feel of the soft warm blankets.  Listening to my husband's even breathing as he slept, I thought to myself, "Yesterday I was so in love with him...today I love him even more."  I reached out and found his hand.  "How can I be that much more in love with him today?  How is that possible to have so much love???"

Later, we got up, made the bed together, and I went downstairs to perk our coffee.  Then...well then I stepped out on the deck for a breath of fresh morning air...and... and beheld such beauty.

Beneath the cobalt sky surrounding the last few shining stars of the night, lavender clouds embraced by fuchsia blush and sparkling gold satin reached up and stretched out their glorious glow from the rising sun.  I couldn't leave the deck to find my camera - the morning was so magical and beautiful - I just had to stand and take it all in.

Our fat, fluffy gray cat named Relic broke the silence and meowed his happy morning greeting to me over and over about twenty times, brushing up around my ankles the whole time, before sauntering quietly away through the melting morning snow.

My coffee was hot and steaming - delicious - I had stirred it the way my Aunt Cindy stirs and it had a fresh creamy foam on the top.  I drank the hot coffee with both hands, missing my mom, as the chill breeze of the morning gently circled me, silently whispering a promise of Spring.

The horses looked over at me and stretched as they sleepily walked about and stood in the crusty wet snow.  The two smallest geldings played "stallion" with each other - rearing and gently boxing with their front hooves, occasionally stumbling clumsily while playfully nipping out.
A single songbird shyly chirped nearby while a distant turkey in the woods sounded out an echoing, lonely call every now and then.  Our rooster named Freedom strutted around at the foot of the deck, showing off his radiant feathers and crowing loudly to the world that this farm is his kingdom.  I smiled when I heard one of the peahens venturing outside the barn, calling out to her sisters inside with her peculiar hiccuping goose-like caw.  Each time she called out, instead of her sisters, the guinea fowl would answer her with their loud babbling clatter-like squawks.  What joy!

I felt peaceful, alive and grateful to be so VERY lucky to wake up to such a lovely morning.

I hope you enjoyed this slice of my experience painted with words because I couldn't lose a moment of this beauty by placing my eyes behind a camera lens.
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Riding Gypsy Moon

A wonderful day for a ride on a beautiful appaloosa. I haven't bought a bridle yet for Gypsy Moon, but never fear - a halter and two lead ropes works just fine with this little sweet heart! I am soooo happy - I have EVERYTHING I have ever dreamed. She follows my every move ~ I felt like a centaur today in the fields!

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I lost 20 pounds on Atkins!

Before After 20 lbs

I must share because I am sooo thrilled that I was able to lose twenty pounds in six weeks!  :-)

I won FIRST prize for The Biggest Loser contest at my workplace!  What a rush!

I feel so healthy and energetic eating delicious foods like chicken, kale, fish, green beans, beef, broccoli, eggs, cauliflower, turkey, peppers, pork, onions, cheese, mushrooms...drinking at least 64 ounces of water and 20 ounces of plain decaf green tea a day...and walking a mile a day on work days and four miles a day on weekends.

Thank you Atkins community!
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Equine Joys and Goals

Beautiful Bailey & Gypsy Moon2

We now have a bomb-proof, child-safe gorgeous leopard appaloosa named Gypsy Moon.
We are working on adopting another sweet, gentle appaloosa named Beautiful Bailey.
Bailey is a liver chestnut appaloosa with a snowy blanket over her haunches.
Andrea fell in love with her and so did the rest of the family.
Hopefully we will be able to rescue her.
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Wishes ARE Horses

Beautiful Bailey & Gypsy Moon
Forest green gently sways gray;
White gradually darkens away.
Storm clouds battle through measured days,
Then sunlight gifts it's golden rays.

Yesteryear, in bittersweet rain,
I watched my dreams board the train
And I let them go through tears of pain;
Knowing not, it was a round-trip train!

Here they come!  I hear distant horns!
Joy fills my soul from where dreams were torn.
I feel the earth tremble on tracks aged and worn;
My wishes return and my hopes are reborn.
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